Read Across America Reading is my thing shirt 2017

Greyson won!!! His artwork will be featured on the school tee-shirt for Read Across America Day! Alabama Reading Initiative – Share your success! Read Across America Day is Thursday, March 2, 2017. These shirts are so cute. Who doesn’t love Snoopy? Snoopy as Cat in the Hat? Love it!

Read Across America Reading is my thing shirt and hoodie

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Read Across America Reading is my thing tee description:

Celebrate READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY on March 2nd with these adorable t-shirts for all ages! All shirts are $20.00! Feel free to comment below if you would like to purchase. I also uploaded these on my website! Link is below. They are listed under school spirit wear. Use coupon code: DRSEUSS for 10% off these shirts on the website. *coupon code only applies to website purchases.

Read Across America Reading is my thing shirts

Read Across America-Dr. Suess is right around the corner Tues. March 2nd. Get your Teams together and order for a “Team Discount”. I will also deliver to your campus for a small fee. I have a couple of more designs coming soon or if you have a design in mind feel free to send it right over. Most designs start at $15 just $1 extra for a glitter touch. $2 extra for extended sizes (2X & up). Regular Unisex Gildan tees.


Top 3 Smokey bear says resist shirt designs 2017

Smokey bear says resist is the hot trend for shirt desinger. So! Today i will so you top 3 design for fans. From Nation Park, all tee will be arranged by popular.

Top 1: Official Smokey bear says resist shirt:

Smokey Says Resist Shirt

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Top 2: National park service smokey bear shirt

National park service smokey bear shirt

National park service smokey bear shirt

Top 3: Only you can resist fascist liars shirt and hoodie

Only you can resist fascist liars shirt

Only you can resist fascist liars shirt


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Time is simply how you live your life Craig Sager shirt and hoodie

Time is something that cannot be bought; it cannot be wagered with God, and it is not in endless supply. Time is simply how you live your life.  -Craig Sager”Time is something that cannot be bought. It cannot be wagered with God and it is not in endless supply. Time is simply HOW you live your life.” – Craig Sager!

Top Time is simply how you live your life Craig Sager shirt:

Craig Sager Rip Legend MIC Tribute shirt

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Live Your Life with Craig Sager Shirt

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Sager Strong shirt (time is simply how you live your life)

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Time is simply how you live your life Craig Sager Story:

Don’t sit on the sidelines of your own life wasting your days away wishing you would have done something amazing. Set goals, dream big, work like crazy and most importantly LOVE with all that you’ve got. We have no idea how much “time” we will all have here on earth so be grateful for each day you do have and don’t wait another second to become more, do more, see more, learn more. Tomorrow is Monday. It’s a fresh start to a new week. What will you do with your time?

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Top 10 Nevertheless She Persisted Shirts and hoodies

“Nevertheless, she persisted.” There it is, columnist Heidi Stevens writes. Three little words that women can draw on for decades to come, when something needs to be said and, darn it, we plan to say it. Last night I started a new embroidery project inspired by #NeverthelessShePersisted and was surprised to receive so many requests that I share my design! Well, here it is for all you fellow embroidery enthusiasts. All I ask is that you donate at least $5 to International Women’s Health Coalition before using it. Elizabeth Warren. The woman that began this movement. She is a senator, a former professor, an advocate for women, children, people of color and gun control laws. She is strong, vocal, and smart as whip. She persists despite others who try to silence her.

Top 10 Nevertheless She Persisted Shirts:

This is Top 10 She Persisted Shirts, I soft it by best and popular tee. Click on image to get each tee that you love it!

I love everything about this piece, written by my amazing friend Marcia Baczynski!!!! ““Nevertheless, she persisted.” — THERE IT IS. That right there is gold. Epitaph-worthy. The highest accidental compliment, from a man who has no idea how much women are used to being warned and explained at. Warren is having none of it. She will persist.”

Smokey Bear Says Resist Shirt and hoodie Tee 2017

Once again, the Republican Party shows that it is not conservative, but radical. Now they want to take law enforcement away from the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Why not just mail invitations to poachers, and give the keys “Smokey Bear Says Resist” to the Bundys, who seem to be among the radical GOP’s prime constituents these days, when they’re not busy selling our grandchildren’s future to the Exxons of the world. This party, now drunk on its power, betrays the nation and desecrates the land.

Smokey Bear Says Resist Shirt and hoodie tee description:

Got my “Smokey says resist shirt” stickers in the mail today. I have a few extras if anyone is interested- let me know. Thanks for making these and sending them all the way from Colorado Catie and Bryan!

Official Smokey Says Resist Shirt and hoodie

Smokey Bear Says Resist hashtags:

Smokey Bear at today’s hearing said he plans to “Make the EPA Great Again. He also made claims that the EPA was only driven by politics and not science. It appears that Lamar and our new administration are attempting to undermine the Smokey Bear and other federal agencies who do scientific research. The main goal of the “Secret Science Reform Act” which Lamar purposed is to limit the actions the Smokey Bear can take to protect public health and the environment. Smith said he would continue to push legislation to eliminate the use of “secret science” at the Smokey Bear, a term Republicans use for scientific data that they do not believe in. We need to keep pressuring Lamar to end his battle against the scientific community.

Official Smokey Says Resist hoodie

Also, we tagged Lamar Smith feel free to post your opinion on his Facebook. Help us spread the word ‘share’!” Alt National Park Service Smokey Bear #smokeysaysresist #thislandisyourland #thislandismyland #epa #ourkidsfuture #nationalparks #bekind #dountoothers.

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Smoking blunts and swooping cunts shirt and hoodie tee

Smoking blunts and swooping cunts for the best design 2017, Smokin’ Blunts Swoopin’ Cunts Shirt, Hoodie, V-Neck Tee, Long Sleeve tee and tank top are available. So long smoking darts and breaking hearts it’s now smoking blunts and swooping cunts. If you lnow it then get it now! Catch me smoking blunts and swooping cunts at cloud tonight 11 – 12.

Other Tee Styles:

Smokin' Blunts Swoopin' Cunts Hoodie

Smokin’ Blunts Swoopin’ Cunts Hoodie

Smokin' Blunts Swoopin' Cunts Shirt for ladies

Smokin’ Blunts Swoopin’ Cunts Shirt for ladies

Smokin' Blunts Swoopin' Cunts V-Neck Tee

Smokin’ Blunts Swoopin’ Cunts V-Neck Tee

Smokin' tank top

Smokin’ tank top

Smokin' Blunts Swoopin' Cunts SweatShirt

Smokin’ Blunts Swoopin’ Cunts SweatShirt

Smokin' Blunts Swoopin' Cunts LongSleeve Tee

Smokin’ Blunts Swoopin’ Cunts LongSleeve Tee

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New Patriots Shirt! We’re On To #5 Shirt and hoodie 2017

In honor of everything that the Patriots accomplished this season, we decided to use a recognizable phrase and make a shirt out of the success. Shirt sizes are accurate (if you’re a medium, a medium will fit you). Shirts are hand pressed and will be delivered in 10 days, unless an expedited speed is selected. We’re On To #5 for man and woman! Click link below to buy it now!

We Are onto #5 Shirt

New Patriots Shirt! We’re On To other tee styles:

We Are onto #5 Shirt and hoodie (Super Bowl Champs 2017 tee)

We Are onto #5 Hoodie

Buy it here: We Are onto #5 Shirt and Hoodie

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Lets party belichick sweatshirt, hoodie for super bowl 2017

What an incredible, hard-earned win!! The best year to win it! In the face of so much adversity and scrutiny. Jesse you’re so crazy!! I’m SO happy we don’t need to get this tattoo removed for you now! ? #suckmydeflatedballs #letspartybelichick
Good party of the super bowl!  Tomorrow is the happiest day of the year and the worst at the same time.
On the one hand, this is the time to crown the champions of the NFL, on the other, it means that there will be no more football until September. Yes, I know, there’s the Canadian, but it is another matter.

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Bill Belichick let’s party shirt, hoodie and sweatshirt, let’s party 2017 version

Bill Belichick Hoodie- Let Party

Bill Belichick let's party sweatshirt

Lets party belichick sweatshirt tee description:

The Super Bowl is, by far, the most unifying force that is. After the week we just know, a few hours of respite will be good for everyone. Tomorrow night, millions of people are gonna spend the evening together. The majority to watch the game, others for the show of halftime… but all for the ads.
In fact, it’s not pranks, it’s made that the parties of the super bowl are bigger than our Christmas parties. And just like at Christmas, no matter where you decide to watch the game, there are people who are going to be frustrated that you don’t choose to go home. It’s a lot of pressure.
My advice? If you really want to have fun, chose the party where there is the most manic of football. No matter what happens during the game, just look at the range of emotions that they will live, and, believe me, it’s a show in itself.
The Rules Non-written
Now, there are some basic regulations to respect.
I can understand that it’s not everyone who is a mega fan of football, but the super bowl request a minimum of preparation.
First of all, no one should, in any case, pronounce the following sentence: ” who’s playing? “.
It’s been two weeks that everyone talks about it everywhere, including the social networks. You have no reason not to know. The person who dares to utter these words must be expelled from the party immediately. Otherwise, I guarantee you that the evening is going to be long.
Secondly, if you don’t know the rules of football, it’s really not the time to disturb us with questions dorky. The following sentences are also to be avoided: ” why there is angry that she fumbled?”, ” why they hit so hard, aren’t ben whose end “, ” he threw the ball to the other team, Is it that it’s good when even?”. all these sentences are also punishable by a immediate deportation.
My allegiances
Now, the important question, for which team take? Of course, the two choices are good. On my side, this super bowl in is heartbreaking. I’m a fan of the patriots since 1985, I am on the side of Falcons. Yes, by the way, these are the two teams playing tomorrow and, unfortunately, if you didn’t know it, I must ask you to leave this article immediately.
I’ve divorced Tom Brady and Bill Belichick this autumn when I learned their friendship with Donald Trump. Many have tried to convince me to stay, but as in all relationships, it sometimes happens that you can no longer to pass over the mistakes of the other. You do not see him in the same way.
Yes, I had a moment of weakness, there are two weeks ago, when I took for Tom and his gang against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But everyone knows that every time you ran off with someone, you always end up back to bed with once. It’s done and I swear to you that it won’t happen again.
So this year, it’s go Matty Ice! It’s the nickname of the quarterback of the Falcons, and that, I forgive you if you didn’t know it. But like every super bowl, I wish us especially a good game.
Only remains to shout: Let’s play some football!!!!

Top 5 They Can’t Deport Us All T-Shirts and hoodies

It is Top 5 They Can’t Deport Us All for supporter. If you love this tee then click on buy link under other tees then you can see buy-link. I will soft by popular best first.

Top 1: Muslim Ban They Cant Deport Us All Support Shirt

Muslim Ban They Cant Deport Us All Suport Shirt

Top 2: Official NoBanNoWall They Cant Deport Us All shirt

Official NoBanNoWall They Cant Deport Us All shirt

Top 3: They Cant Deport Us All Shirt (Bad hombre version)

Official NoBanNoWall They Cant Deport Us All shirt

Top 4: NoBanNoWall They Cant Deport Us All shirt

Official NoBanNoWall They Cant Deport Us All shirt

Top 5: They can’t deport us All T-Shirt

Official NoBanNoWall They Cant Deport Us All shirt

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Don’t boo vote hoodie and tee shirt

Well at least we have Canada that will welcome us when our own country won’t. This is why I love my brother Kabubi Herman form #Ugenda. Im telling you ALL right now that this man one day will be RAmembered for his evolutionary mind and actions far beyond the Continent! “It’s Saturday the 21st of January 2017 and I greet you all.

Not My President T-Shirt and hoodie, Love Trump hate 2017 tee

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Don’t boo vote hoodie

The message is loud “in Pink” and clear as seen in the attached image. #Share with the concerned and appropriate. As for me the Ugandan Feminist. I am #Walking in protest.”
Toby Keith played “Beer for My Horses” at the Lincoln Memorial last night. One of the lyrics: “Take all of the rope in Texas, find a tall oak tree/Round up all them bad boys, hang them high in the street/For all the people to see.”
Trump entered the stage to the Rolling Stones song “Heart of Stone.”
Heaven help us. #notmypresident I’m sorry to say.

Not My President T-Shirt and hoodie, Love Trump hate 2017 tee

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