Miami We’ve Got Some Motherfuckers That Can Ball Shirt

It’s dramatic, but doesn’t have a convoluted plot; it’s funny, but not so funny that you need to listen to get the jokes. Plus, I love the Miami We’ve Got Some Motherfuckers That Can Ball Shirt scenes where they show off their busy city lives and they’re walking around Manhattan saying things like, ‘Can you loop me in on that email chain and we’ll set up a one-on-one?’ Those were the days.” Even in before-times, I clung to comfort-food TV. Why take a chance on something new when you can return to something you know you love? In the initial months of quarantine, I ran through all the usual suspects: 30 Rock, The Office, Fleabag season two. But as the weather turned oppressively hot, I needed something truly transporting—something familiar but not too familiar. In my Goldilocks search, I rediscovered New Girl. It is lobotomy TV at its finest: four friends muddling through extremely low-stakes situations, which somehow never veer into anything too earnest or self-serious. New Girl provides an effortless slice of pre-pandemic life: mindless hangouts, inside jokes, and a steamy roommate romance. Was anyone ever so young “I’ve cycled through a few different bedtime shows this summer: first, the BBC’s 1994 adaptation of Middlemarch (which I helpfully found very boring), then ITV’s 2002 adaptation of The Forsyte Saga, and now, the late-aughts HBO series In Treatment. (The news of a possible reboot reminded me of it.) Yes, one of these things isn’t quite like the others, but common to all three is a narrowness of focus (and, well, a talkiness) that I’m finding comforting these days. Tastefully furnished rooms where people discuss their feelings and sometimes settle estate disputes? Yes, please!

Dallas Stars Conference Champions 2020 Shirt

Currently steeped in Boys and Girls in the City dy Kaling post a promotional TikTok that suggested it would be fun and funny. The Dallas Stars Conference Champions 2020 Shirt series didn’t disappoint: It’s the story of Devi Vishwakumar, a high-achieving teen who is focused on getting with the school’s hottest guy so she can avoid feeling anything about her father’s sudden death. There’s comfort in its high school themes—friendship breakups, family arguments, Model U.N. trip drinking—though the plot (amusingly narrated by John McEnroe) never feels too predictable. I’ve watched the series twice already After seeing it with my boyfriend, it turned out to be the perfect show for my parents, who are always requesting ‘nothing too miserable’ (which rules out my other recent bedtime watch—The Business of Drugs, on Netflix. Unsurprisingly, my favorite show to watch before bed is one that I’ve watched many, many times over (from beginning to end!), even claiming that I know the best 12 episodes: the one and only Gossip Girl. In particular, the Thanksgiving episodes always soothe me before my slumber. Maybe it’s because they’re so dramatic that I feel like my life is more normal, or maybe it’s because they always have a happy ending. One of these episodes with a melatonin works like a charm every time!

2020 Is Boo Sheet Halloween Very Bad Would Not Recommend, Boo Boo Crew Halloween T shirt

Enter: matching sweats. Think matching sets made from cashmere 2020 Is Boo Sheet Halloween Very Bad Would Not Recommend, Boo Boo Crew Halloween T shirt and fine knits, crewnecks and joggers in crisp, minimalist color blocking, and luxury sweatsuits in heavy-weight materials. This elevated take on loungewear will make for a put-together at-home look that you can comfortably wear when safely out and about, too. This trend worn by the likes of countless celebs last spring is back again. Turns out a little effort goes a long way. Here, 10 fall-ready luxe matching sweats to consider now.

X D-generation shirt

If there was one sartorial rule to come from the X D-generation shirt past few months, it’s that comfortable, single-item outfits like dresses and sweatsuits (technically two items, but still one head-to-toe look) have reigned supreme. After months of life mostly taking place at home, we’ve grown accustomed to prioritizing comfort-first clothing. But we want to feel polished, too. While our trusty, well-loved sweatpants may have worked well for us in March and through the spring months, we’re pros now. And as pros, we’re looking for something a bit more luxe to get us through the crisp days of fall.


Halloween Passive Aggressive Witch Bless Funny Witch Saying shirt

Between Miley Cyrus’s “Midnight Sky” music video and the Brooklyn Halloween Passive Aggressive Witch Bless Funny Witch Saying shirt Museum’s recently reopened Studio 54: Night Magic exhibit, the fantasy makeup of the disco era is capturing the imagination. The irony that there are no doormen to impress or dance floors to fill is clear, but if anyone can help fulfill the fantasy, who better than Ford

Just took a dna test turns out i’m 100% that witch dog mom vintage retro shirt

The spring lookbook starred models Marjan Just took a dna test turns out i’m 100% that witch dog mom vintage retro shirt Jonkman and Makala Johnson as Cleveland and Jordan’s modern-day counterparts. As such, each girl donned the disco beauty uniform: Lids washed in an iridescent cornflower shadow, cheeks draped in hot pink blush, and lips slicked with bright fuchsia lip gloss. Conjuring a similar mood were their individual hair looks, Jonkman’s white platinum shag—center-parted with feather layers—was a wink at Jordan’s peroxide coif, while Johnson’s dark lengths were slicked back in a sculptural low knot like Cleveland often wore.