2020 Anime 08 shirt

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Kamala Harris has made history as the 2020 Anime 08 shirt  first female, first Black, and first person of Asian descent to become vice president-elect. As the turbulent and trying Trump presidency comes to a close, and Harris prepares to assume her powerful post, this marks a moment of relief and hope for many women; an opportunity to gain back what’s been lost over the past four years, as well as push women’s health care forward for all.  Harris has also worked with Representative Lauren Underwood to introduce this year’s Black Maternal Health Momnibus to fill gaps in existing legislation. Among a comprehensive set of regulations and investments to address the crisis in Black women’s maternal mortality, the Momnibus Act will compile data on the underlying social determinants that lead to higher mortality rates to address the racial disparities in pregnancy outcomes among Black women in America. “It’s so incredibly important to making a difference and saving lives,” says Johnson.

2020 Anime 08 shirt

Buy this shirt:  2020 Anime 08 shirt

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