2021 Graduation even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me shirt

I regret it to 2021 Graduation even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me shirt this day. Not because I hurt her, because she deserved it. But she has since turned my children against me and planted stuff in their heads and now I cannot see them nor my 6 grandchildren. She spends all holidays with them and has turned her sights on destroying them in order to hurt me. I am defeated and hurting for my babies. I haven’t seen them since I told her the truth. I have a friend and I used to take her car in for service. After she purchased a new car, she takes the new car to the dealership. There was a Firestone tire store near her house. I called and told my friend and she ok the new brakes on all four wheels. About a month later the radio antenna broke off at the car wash. So I took to car to the same Firestone tire store that had made repairs a month ago. I told every customer at the store what my experience was. The worker told me sorry, please leave. If you found my post interesting or helpful, please upvote and follow. We use non stick saute pans, which we call egg pans, because we use them only for eggs. Pretty brilliant, huh?

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