51 Strokes Crewneck Pocket Shirt

Also refreshing: when Violette admits that she’s not ac­­tually that into makeup. “No one should be dependent on a product to feel good. It should be an extension of our identities, like a wellness tool,” she says emphatically. “What interests me is the 51 Strokes Crewneck Pocket Shirt ephemeral art you can create with makeup, not the trends.” This kind of creative expression isn’t about doing nothing, she insists, despite a pervasive “effortless beauty” narrative that surrounds her and her work, which she acknowledges is a loaded concept. And it’s not about losing yourself in a convoluted process, either. “The way you wear your makeup should make you feel something. But I don’t like when it’s trying too hard.”

51 Strokes Crewneck Pocket Shirt

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