Adanashirt – Oklahoma Sooners In Patty We Trust Shirt

King’s immersion in the Adanashirt – Oklahoma Sooners In Patty We Trust Shirt fashion world was also a surprise. Despite being approached by modeling agents multiple times, she was reluctant to enter the industry. More than that, her mother didn’t want her to fall prey to the dangers many new models face. “Growing up in the city, my sister and I were always scouted but my mom was against it,” King explains. “She made me terrified to be a model, but I ended up doing it anyway.” Contacted by scouts on her MySpace back in 2010 King moved to Australia where she found success in front of the camera. Eventually even Mom came around to the idea. “Now she’s my biggest fan,” says King. Though she enjoys posing the most valuable thing modeling has given King is a support system. “When I sit down and think about my modeling career, the first thoughts that pop up are about the amazing people I have met on set and the relationships I’ve kept,” she says.

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