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Global warming isn’t real we have one decent summer in years hopefully have more for years to come think its time to speed global warming up a bit if it actually is not just a reason to tax You clearly have no idea of the Adventure awaits shirt at all. If you think all it means is warm summers you will be very disappointed.
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Adventure awaits shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

You think our border staff are going to be checking every EU citizen into the Adventure awaits shirt criminals, are these the same ones that Tommy Robinson is obsessed with or the ones in the church or the EDL? Tracey Churchill how many sex criminals have entered our country?

Adventure awaits hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

It’s almost like we’re not using this Adventure awaits shirt very well isn’t it Seeing as how many criminals get into And how difficult it is to get rid of them I wonder how efficient the system is now’ upside ‘ is that we can send back the European criminals without the interference of the ECJ. It’s fine if you happy for all to get to our tiny island with no checks.

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