Amityshirt – Love Grace Forgiveness Talkin Bout Jesus Shirt

It’s difficult to sum up the Love Grace Forgiveness Talkin Bout Jesus Shirt Furthermore, I will do this Kim Kardashian empire, which shows no sign of losing steam and will undoubtedly go from strength to strength post-Kanye. Before they married, Kim was already such an indomitable force, that being untethered will unlikely dint her continual rise. It’s easy to forget the magnitude of Kim’s solo ventures, all patent beige body-con and fearless commercialism. I’m old enough to remember Kim’s niche-ness, a seedling on the internet bubbling under the radar, rather than a saturate of mainstream modern culture. It’s no small matter that she’s prospered at a high-fashion level while pioneering a different body ideal for women (we could argue that it’s equally unobtainable, and that the very idea of a “body ideal” is reductive).

Love Grace Forgiveness Talkin Bout Jesus Shirt

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Love Grace Forgiveness Talkin Bout Jesus Shirt
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