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Apple Idad There’s No App For That Shirt! Unfortunately, falling into the river, this dog goes to the dock every day to come to welcome …Unfortunately, falling off the boat and separating from the host family, this dog is still just hanging around at the dock and eagerly waiting for the owner to come for a month. Do you wonder why dogs are animals that always receive special love from so many people? Because they are cute because they help you keep your house, or simply because they help you clear the leftover food after each meal? Perhaps it is more than that because every dog ​​when adopted will become a friend of his owner. And all the dogs — very loyal! The story of the master-waiting dog below will make you believe it. This story stems from a picture that is being handed down by Thai netizens by a Facebook named Thanawan Tongporn. Accordingly, this dog had to be separated by the host family when unfortunately fell into a boat on the Chao Phraya River in Bang Kok, Thailand. Instead of going elsewhere to earn a living, the dog decided to stay here to wait for his master to come and pick him up.

Just like that, for a month, every day the dog would sit still at the Rama V pier, eyes facing forward to wait for the pick-up, hoping to soon be gathered with the host family who was attached me During that time of waiting hard, the dog tried to hold on with the leftovers and living water. Apple Idad There’s No App For That Shirt! Occasionally, some kind people will give him food to continue to stay on the dock and wait. When he finished eating, the dog sat still in that position and his eyes turned to the front. However, each time that has passed, the owner has not yet appeared …
Luckily the dog was adopted by a stranger. Currently, the dog has lived with the new owner as The Ruea (meaning pier).

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