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Auntie bear shirt

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Still waiting for a single shred if proof and no baseless indictments about nothing are not proofKeith J Dicken maybe, but im sure bill thinks about it all the Auntie bear shirt when he is jerking off or assaulting other women Silvia Van punished how?
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Michael Smith what do you mean by best for the Auntie bear shirt is staying in the eu best for Britain? I think you are all wrong and literally none of us have any idea of a post brexit future. However I do think that the so called remoaners seem to believe they know the future and are significantly more intelligent than anyone else.

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You did, my bad ! Kate Turner more than likely we will have a chance to join the Auntie bear shirt again, so until then you just have to take it on the chin.It is scaremongering as if there were to be blockades to the extent it caused that it would be an act of war, because the brats at the eu didn’t get their way.

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