Bad Kitty Deadpool and Black Panther shirt

His Biggest Gift to His Sangat is the Acceptance and Confidence in one’s Destiny.It just Flows , when you have the Hand of the Supreme on your head. i hope He teaches me and my family also to reciprocate the same Unconditional Love to Him and His Creation. His Huge Umbrella covers all, New Old, Small Big, Rich Poor, Virtuous Sinners, Believers Non Believers.

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Four Bad Kitty Deadpool and Black Panther shirts after we moved in I got another flu and that was it. Every time I closed my eyes I felt like I had a machine gun firing off in my head. I had this crazy feeling of doom and panic that never left me I thought I was going to die or I was going to end my life because there was no way I could live this way. I remember looking at my daughters and thinking they would grow up with out a Mum because I was not going to make it.

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