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Now you are adding salt and paper to make it sound nice Baker Mayfield Shotgun Hoodie for the world? India has officially turned into a non democratic fascist country from 2019 onwards. Mohamed Meeran all our officials are elected by the people. Yes the current government has a populist, conservative feel to it but that is in no way fascist. In fact the people of India take pride in criticizing the government and politicians and have supported the need for opposition even if they don’t vote for the opposition. Indian government also allows states to choose their own form of government and individual laws for their people. You’re part of one of the biggest.

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Terroristic, antidemocratic, and dictatorial regimes in the world. If it wasn’t for the oil reserves, Saudi Arabia would have been invaded in the name of democracy long ago. But soon the oil wells will dry up. Nivi Kevichusa section 370 was approved as a temporary status by then president without consulting the parliament. That was death of democracy. This time the parliament of India voted to remove that temporary section and allow unification of all states. J.K had a privileged status in India and did not allow Indian citizens to own property there. Now there’s greater freedom for all. Dave Prabhu India put Baker Mayfield Shotgun Hoodie kashmir under a policed state and abused them for 7 decades and finally took their freedom away.

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