Bartlet _98 for America shirt

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Marques’Almeida will release a small collection to market at the Bartlet _98 for America shirt end of September or early October. Ultimately, however, the duo’s adventures in upcycling have radically changed their mindset. “After launching Remade [the upcycled collection that debuted in June], which was in response to all our concerns about sustainability, we knew we couldn’t go back to just releasing collections as normal,” Marta explained. “We decided to set out our pledges—everything we do from now on will abide by those rules.” These rules include talking to manufacturers to ensure fair pay; conducting a full-scale audit of the fabrics they use, and never using petroleum-based fibres unless they’re recycled; and producing fewer collections a year that are more focused. Other brands, energized by their approach to deadstock materials, are lining up for collaborations. Nevertheless: “For LFW we didn’t want to release a collection per se, we wanted to talk about the change that needs to happen, creating clothes that are geared towards finding solutions rather than trends,” said Marta. “We can’t keep filling Fashion Weeks with endless product.”

Bartlet _98 for America shirt

Buy this shirt:  Bartlet _98 for America shirt

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