Bass it’s like guitar but much cooler shirt

Yesterday was a big day for The Row. First, Jonah Hill, hirsute fit god to all, wore a head-to-toe black look. From afar, the Bass it’s like guitar but much cooler shirt also I will do this sweater, the pants, and the shoes could have been by any label producing quality basics but instead, it was by The Row. “Modeling is emotionally complex @zoeisabellakravitz @therow,” he said in his caption. The luminous Kravtiz also reposted the Instagram with a @therow tag in between the duo.Shortly after Hill and Kravitz’s post, Kendall Jenner joined the trend. She wore a white shirt, a T-shirt, a thin leather belt, and a pair of high-waisted pleated trousers with a pair of thong kitten heels and captioned it “head-to-toe pt. 2.” Part one was back in November, when Jenner wore an all-black get-up and captioned it once again “the row head toe.”


Bass it's like guitar but much cooler shirt


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