Beards For Boobs Shirt

Beards For Boobs Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The beards for boobs shirt! Edit: no, faster tests are being developed, but LabCorp is saying 24 hours,… with padding up to 4 days to account for transport & communication time. I would expect a US senator’s results to be expedited (bullshit, but our reality), but even if we assume his sample was put in with the plebs, we need to be asking if he got the results days before announcing and  beards for boobs shirt! 

Edit 2 and  beards for boobs shirt!  Sounds like this could all be reasonable; he got tested because he was concerned about his previously damaged lung, got tested with no known contact with Covid confirmed individuals, and no symptoms,… so skipping quarantine is inline with all the advice we’re all getting, and lab results really could have taken longer.

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