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John Cena is a controlling, narcissistic man. I love Nikki but I Becky Lynch The Man Hoodie feel like she is more Johns child than his partner. All his house rules and relationship rules. He really is all about him and kind of scary. My question to you beautiful girl is why u want to get married. You beautiful you smart you have you won money never beg a men for anything.You insecure when it comes to men ,don’t wait for him if that’s what you want .The right men is out there for you you deserve the best. I think he’s had this made up decision about relationships and marriage and he’s finally met a woman that can show him something different, something that doesn’t have to end so badly. I think she’s such a good woman, she was willing to change her plans about marriage and children because it didn’t matter if she was his girlfriend forever as long as they were together.

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That’s a big sacrifice. Brothers are supposed to do that are you older than your brother then that’s why he does that younger brothers like to bother their older sisters. I noticed in many times and according to some expressions from you that you have a sense of fear from that Cena. What are you waiting to finish that relation between you and him? To stay with him is a waste of time.That’s what your sister told you. He doesn’t want to marry just staying with you to amuse himself. I am sure he has many oher than you. Look at your sister she has got a beautiful babygirl and a good husband.I have read many comments from many fans and all adviced you to leave him as soon as possible. I repeat it , what are you waiting for? Use your mind and leave your heart away before you fall . I wish you all the best , the most beautiful lady in te world. Idk it annoyed me when he said he wouldn’t tell her who his power if attorney was. It’s like when you been together five years you tell each other Becky Lynch The Man Hoodie everything . And then he said he didn’t want to be her power of attorney. Idk it’s too fishy for me.

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