Bee Movie Bee Movie Script Tee Shirt and Hoodie

Decription for Bee Movie Script Shirt And Hoodie (Only 19$): The script is very small. It is small to allow all 9476 words to fit the product. This can cause the script to be difficult to read. I have updated the files to a higher resolution, but it still can be difficult to read, depending on the printing. Any problems with printing, shipping, track number, etc. please contact support RedBubble. I have nothing to do with the printing and distribution of the product.

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Bee Movie Script Shirt And Hoodie for guys and ladies

Bee Movie Script Shirt for ladies

The animated film Bee Movie may not have been a hit with critics or at the box office, but its script has made for one very memorable t-shirt. Madison, a teenager from Texas, shocked even herself when after posting a photo of her self in a shirt featuring the entire script of the Jerry Seinfeld-voiced movie she got 100,000 notes on Tumblr with 24 hours.

Bee Movie Script Hoodie

Bee Movie Script Hoodie

I want the shirt where it has the script to Bee Movie printed on it! I found a shirt with the entire bee movie script on it. To buy this tee please click on buy link below: Bee Movie Script Shirt

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