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People have spoken about time thats how you do it too little too Beto Orourke This Is Fucked Up Hoodie late good people power. Will always win good job she is not a good leader protests work the power. Of people she created the mess she jolly well clean up her own mess too late demands no. Exceptions down more to go power belongs to the people i think she lies and must be removed protesting works. Good omg is high tym what has she been waiting for finally do it one for. The remoaners yes little late about time finally peoples power she need to step down finally took her long. Enough pdids mcd success good news too late congratulation hongkong a dangerous city bye hk nathan. Lel nang aung chitma lawrence crisp oof amid chants of allahu akbar violent pakistanbacked protesters damage indian high commission

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In london stop violence communist china is the new nazi germany a genocidal autocratic regime bent on. Empire building and subjugation free hong kong from those mobs and foreign interference hongkong needs love and for all that. Are concerned in the free world i hereby beg you all not to think of this. As a victory yes she gave in the bill is withdrawn but it merely marks any real change lives are. Sacrificed for more than the word withdrawn we are demandixem we are not accepting this after it. Is Beto Orourke This Is Fucked Up Hoodie late for months and after the police brutality withdrawal of this bill cant satisfy. Hong kong people she still insist will not call for independent investigation of police but only ask.

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