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It felt like the End of the Quarantine Senior Class 2020 T-Shirt World was coming and everyone was joking. I took a second here and there to mentally apologize to any street talker who raised a cow’s head and shouted at me. The end is coming! and I regret not taking more Emrgen-C to store my immunity. Joking. My sister has been very sick and hundreds of miles in the past 3 months. Now that we are stuck under the same roof, I spend all the time I miss with her. I had a panic attack in my math final few days ago and likely failed. In short, my mental health has decreased a bit in the past month with the strain of sports, academia and the subsequent rebirth of the Black Plague.

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Now that I’m at home, I can relax and try to cope with that anxiety instead of stuffing it deep down until it explodes. For the  Quarantine Senior Class 2020 T-Shirt first time in 6 months, I woke up after 7 am! Usually I force myself to wake up at the latest absolute 6:45, even when I’m sleeping for 3 hours, so I can exercise or take extra classes before class, but now I don’t have to worry worry about scheduling around classes. I work when I want and learn comfortably.

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