Black Cats Meowy Christmas Tree shirt, sweater

They didn’t believe I was actually doing homework in Black Cats Meowy Christmas Tree shirt, sweater. I had no money for the bus , I was still in my uniform And my best friend didn’t have any money either. They could have just phoned school if they didn’t believe me. The head of year saw me and could have confirmed we’re I was. But nope. Things have changed since then , I’m happy to say I’m legally an adult and I can do anything I want, yes my parents still have a say in it or complain but I don’t let them stop me. This isn’t even the first story. I have loads but I will leave this one up as I believe it was very unfair on my best friend too. My Uncle had a son, his namesake, who was a year older than me and we were pretty close as cousins. I actually can’t remember anyone I was closer to other than my siblings but even then me and my cousin never fought. When his dad died he was taken away to live with his grandmom, his mom had passed away awhile prior so his grandmom took care of him. She later passed away and my cousin was left alone and fell on hard times but he is still alive. Turns out she resembles her biological mother who was still a druggie when she gave birth and gave her up for adoption to her young niece.

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