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I will let this Black panther adidas shirt as my official review although I didn’t write it. It touches upon all the beats in my mind and makes most of the points I would have. Say this about Black Panther, which raises movie escapism very near the level of art: You’ve never seen anything like it in your life. Wakanda forever! Seriously, it’s incredible and my new all-time favorite Marvel movie.

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The experience of the Black panther adidas shirt teaches us… Given that we are who we are (as Africans), how do we improve our life chances in this world by getting the best out of science and technology and getting to the top of global civilisation? This is a story about leadership, systems, laws, culture and succession.

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It is a Black panther adidas shirt about legitimacy, loyalty, betrayal and the role of women. This is a story about youth and technology. This is a story about human values. It is a story about community and teamwork. Indeed the turbulent politics of Wakanda can be seen in the contradiction between granting everybody the freedom they deserve while being aware of opportunists.

Mercenaries and saboteurs who are always out to exploit this liberal Black panther adidas shirt for purposes of anti-people activities within and outside the state apparatus. Quite often the rich and powerful sabotage the freedoms won by the people to stay in power by force, trickery, bribery and war mongering.

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