Black Women Friends Merry Christmas shirt

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With a sense of reassurance that my identity wouldn’t be used for dark digital dealings, I downloaded the Black Women Friends Merry Christmas shirt  app via a promo code. My first experience with a digital sleep aid was via Omvana in 2013, when I was interviewing for Vogue. After cobbling together every last clean piece of clothing and handwriting thank-you notes, I would drift away each night to voices telling me to envision a lavender light surrounding my body, promising that I could do anything I imagined. Navigating to “AI Lullaby,” the art that C designed with Endel’s visual director Protey Temen pops onto the screen. Its minimal animation looks like rays of energy around a drowsy, floating face. The sound is familiar, like scenes in Disney films when giant trees glow from unexplained magic. I wonder if Disney already harnessed some of these psychoacoustic findings in their award-winning soundtracks. A little before midnight, I play the lullaby and fall asleep so quickly I can’t be sure if it’s just exhaustion.

Black Women Friends Merry Christmas shirt

Buy this shirt:  Black Women Friends Merry Christmas shirt

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