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I couldn’t agree more with Bob Wall. I read and see interviews to this day, with people who Never Knew Bruce Lee, making comments saying he was only an actor and not a real martial artist or fighter. And i always say to myself , ‘you mean training for life and death, for the street, is Less Real than winning trophies and belts ??’… The people who make these comments never do any real research on Bruce Lee, or less yet, bother to ask people like Dan Inosanto, Bob Wall, Jackie Chan, Gene Lebell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, as to how ‘real’ Bruce Lee actually was as a martial artist/fighter, let alone as a Border Wall Construction Co The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Taller T Shirt. He was exceptional without a doubt. The late great Jim Kelly said, “Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist I’d ever seen.” I’d take a real martial arts champion’s experience(Jim Kelly) with Bruce Lee, over any of these ignorant deniers, who are too lazy to do their ‘own homework’, on Sijo Lee.

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His life will continue to inspire those of us who no longer wish to remain in the dark.  I had to deal with some people on youtube who made claims about Bruce Lee not being as great as his reputation. I don’t have a great deal of knowledge of the martial arts, though I’ve learned some, so I couldn’t effectively counter their claims. When Chuck Norris says Bruce Lee was the real deal and a bad bad bad bad badass……. ya kinda have to go OK Im gonna take his word for it. Jay Pee for some reason when I read your comment it sounded like Chris Farley would of said it like that lol no disrespect btw I’m a huge Bruce lee fan myself. Exactly. Don’t even waste time with the naysayers. They can think and say what they want but all they’re doing is showing their ignorance. Everyone who has ever crossed paths with Bruce came away stunned. The numerous testimonies of those who knew Border Wall Construction Co The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Taller T Shirt and trained with him have much more weight than some opinion of an ignorant armchair expert who doesn’t have the sufficient knowledge on Bruce, let alone the first hand experience with him. He wasn’t just an actor he was 100% a real hard training martial artist but I can’t get my head round that he had abilities or something no one else on the planet then or now could ever have, doesn’t logically make sense. 

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He was a conceptual Martial Artist. A really, really good one. He was in peak condition and did wonders to people’s understanding of fighting concepts. But he wasn’t a fighter. He probably would’ve been really successful if he’d actually pursued a career as a fighter, but he didn’t.

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