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Weird when I view it it’s just 2 goats. One is a little Boston Sport Teams Sweater more serious than the other. Would love to see the Pats play great ball in Arrowhead. Go Pats. Tom Brady throwing Kansas City a going away party Sunday. What time do the Steelers play this weekend. Asking for a friend. If we win they’ll say we cheated. If my team wasn’t the pats I would envy them too. Let’s gooo. Pats fan and live in Georgia. Need you guys to come see me. Go pats. Remember when fans thought the Pats were done.Yeah this game will be hard to win but never bet against them. Red Sox Patriots both won in 04 let’s make it happen for 2018. Go patriots. I’m a die hard patriots fan. Can’t wait for this Sunday game. The reporters ask the dumbest questions.

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Asking about the weather on Sunday. Asking him whether he is going to wear a glove. If he does or doesn’t, what’s the big deal. Can’t fix stupid. Lonely Pats fan living in KC. Expecting to make the game Sunday. Do your Job Pats don’t worry about anything just beat the Chiefs on Sunday.You got this guys Tom Brady man they don’t call you the goat for nothing your the best QB on are team. Belichick is gonna be throwing that play book around like the psycho mastermind he is can’t wait. Yeah the Pat’s cheat look at the 3 SB losses officials handed the giants and eagles those games with non calls and phantom calls.this game will go the same way Clete has his orders from the commissioner. Tom you guys need to stop that little side pass in 3 Boston Sport Teams Sweater yards past they do bring some people up on them. 

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