BTS life goes on signatures shirt

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Instead of submitting a completed song, C worked with sound designer and composer Dmitry Evgrafov to deliver a series of “stems,” or short samples of different noises, that act as sonic building blocks. Funneled into the company’s Endel Pacific technology, the BTS life goes on signatures shirt  audio combines with personalized data so the “AI Lullaby” experience is bespoke and slightly different every time—into infinity. “It’s a perfect match,” Yurinova says of working with C. “She’s not only a music artist, but experimenting across disciplines and exploring the fields of visual arts and technology, and this is really relevant for what we’re doing here and what kind of team we are.” “It was cool seeing the AI learn and get better based off feedback, because at first it wasn’t as nice,” C remembers. “But then I also reacted to it after it first started making stuff and went back to the drawing board to better suit its strengths. It was fun vibing out with a computer like that.”

BTS life goes on signatures shirt

Buy this shirt:  BTS life goes on signatures shirt

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