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Your husband clearly does not like it. You need to set those kids straight. Though, I think he should be jumping their little butts instead of ignoring them. I wouldn’t say anything because he is at the age when puberty kicks in and I evidently dealing with raging out-of-control hormones. I was about the same age and this was at a time when the closest thing to see revealing female bodies was the Sears catalog, especially the undergarment section. Don’t interfere because it will embarrass him and might even make him feel he is doing something horrible. It is healthy to be doing this at his age. After a while, I had to ask her if it came because she hadn’t given it to me! Anyway fast forward to the first field trip of the year. The teacher made a huge fuss over needing a medical release should something happen.

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I pulled my card out and showed her where it had everything. She was so obnoxious she called my dad at work and he explained that everything anyone would need was right there on that card. Shut her up about that for the rest of the year. When children stop full-time education they should be in a position to pay their own bills. If they go on to higher education they should also be doing a part-time job to supplement either grants or student loans. If as a parent you can afford to help out then by all means, but it shouldn’t be expected.  After she got the surgery, her self-esteem went up and got married to this great guy. But yea society treats better-looking people better. This is not the old days, where people were stuck with their flaws, they can change their look now.



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