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Stop us leaving the eu at any costdespite the democratic vote having an Call Me Coco New Balance Hoodie overall majority to leave. Ffs theyre off again these remoaners are truly a sandwich short of a picnic the. Crap they come out with they disrespect democracy then they say theyre doing it for. Democracy ffs talk about hypocrisy the too idle to vote culprits would have done better to vote in. The first place then out would never have happened all this is their fault the media and certain. White people together in one place before one political correspondent didnt say it is parliament that is the problem it.

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Is because of the mps that we are still in the eu i would suggest shutting it down. Until the november would be a better idea democracy notice you only see a fuss. When its not going in the rich peoples favour when its the other way people have to just. Get on with life all this phoney outrage from the rebel mps and the remainerswe should. Have left the eu in march they have had over and a half years to debatethey. Just want to add extensions after extension to delay us leaving no surprise that the. Totally biased bbc is promoting every anti brexit topic they can end of the day. We voted to leave some people dont understand that we need a end to this now been going on. Way to long let boris do is job and delivery it Call Me Coco New Balance Hoodie come on brois so its democratic to.

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