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A similar process can be applied to your question. So firstly you need to find the market that can give you something that will make you happy. A market where you can buy phone is common, but a market for such something? Yes we have never heard about it. So you’ll need to ask from someone to tell about this market. Remember that market where you bought phone. What were your feelings when you just saw it? Perhaps you wanted to buy it and use it as soon as possible. So you were feeling very excited and happy about it. Your market to buy that something will have same type of excitement and happiness, because you believed in your hobbies, interests and ability and that something is according to them. But you have to buy it before you can utilize it and experience happiness. So you’ll need to pay for it. When did you feel happy the most while buying phone? Maybe when you reached home and showed it to your family members, friends etc. So when you’ll come home with that something, for which you’ve paid hard work, you’ll feel happiness that you’re looking for, by using it.

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I hope this story taught you something. There need to be something that you can use or do, you can make yourself busy with, because you really like it. This can be any of your hobbies or interests. But to achieve the best results and happiness, you will need a lot of hard work. That phone made you happy because you could use it, you could share messages, photos with others. You showed it to your friends and family members. That really made you happy. So you’ll need to make yourself busy with that something and share experience with others. We get to bowl for two hours. We have more fun than anyone has a right to have. The little ones started as soon as they were able to stand behind the ramp and push the ball. Just watching those shining faces watch that ball roll and roll and roll forever before finally knocking down a few pins is the highlight of my year. This year the youngest bowler was 6. She was the only one still using the ramp. The 7, 8 and 9s take even longer as they do whatever they can to get that bowl to the other end of the alley. Dancing around as it rolls and jumping up and down as the pins fall. I spent a couple of thousand bucks on Christmas presents this year and was glad to do it. I think each of my kids and grandkids would be hard pressed to name a single thing that I bought them last year but they talk about bowling with Grampa all year long. Can money buy happines?

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