Coffe Is Sauna In A Cup ShIrt

 Coffe Is Sauna In A Cup ShIrt, Hoodie And Sweater

The coffe is sauna in a cup shIrt! Subin went on to share the story when she went to Seoul on her own to become a trainee. She said, “after my parents got divorced, I went to Seoul to start a trainee and became independent at the age of 15. I ran out of money to pay the boarding rent, but I felt bad when had to beg my mom an allowance, so I stayed at a hamburger shop 24 hours after buying a cup of coffee.I would sleep there, but if I really needed a shower, I would stay Sauna and  coffe is sauna in a cup shIrt!

After Subin debuted with Dal Shabet, Subin became the main support for the family. Subin’s mother and sister thanked Subin and said, “We can move houses thanks to Subin and  coffe is sauna in a cup shIrt! She said she wanted to reduce the burden of paying the rent.” Subin’s sister says she feels very grateful to her sister, who supports and allows her to do everything. Subin’s sister said: “I feel very grateful to Subin for supporting our children’s education and allowing us to do whatever we want.

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