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Let the humans get in with it, and bury the dead. Get a grip people you’re not being asked to land on a foreign beach at the age of 18 and face enemy gunfire! we need the campaign to END the UN. Please lead it. Utter waste of money!. I think you have an erroneous understanding of ascendency. It doesn’t apply in this context. Much of the money pledged by member countries never get to the UN, WHO and certain member countries (the USA) repeatedly interfere with this organizations implementation of treatment projects.

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80% of the money they do get is spent on administrative issues and enormous tax-free salaries to do useless and meaningless “work” Of course not, how else are they going to control the World when they need more money. Realistic or not these kinds of messages are not good for morale, and they seem to be more politically by the day. We know there’s no silver bullet, why keep telling us? The more the reason to resume our lives, I’d say. We cannot go on living like this forever. Of course not. It’s so much better to have to live in fear and have freedoms restricted. In other words, you feel inconvenienced because of a global public health and safety crisis, and therefore you cannot indulge in your own selfish wants. Shut up chubbs no one was speaking to you.

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