Collection Of The Latest Shirt Models 2020

Collection Of The Latest Shirt Models 2020, Hoodie, And Sweater

Collection Of The Latest Shirt Models 2020. London-based vintage store Dukes Cupboard has championed its collection of rare art T-shirts in its latest editorial photoshoot. The team enlisted photographer Emma Williams and model Sam Roberts to help capture the nature of each work, providing an inspiring editorial of the 1990s to reflect the era of these T-shirts. is produced.

We shall everyone be Mask'd William Shakespeare Shirt

We Are The Granddaughters Of The Witches You Couldn’t Burn Shirt

The campaign sees grainy images superimposed on each other to show different aspects of each T-shirt Collection Of The Latest Shirt Models 2020, allowing us to see the entire piece of fabric, as well as small details like frayed necks and the natural patin, acquired over five In his seven-view editorial, Dukes Cupboard highlighted some of the rarest works in his collection, from two Picasso T-shirts for to sports works by Sarah Lucas, Roy Lichtenstein, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne and Keith Haring.

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