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I was very young when I had her and I was unaware of my disorder. I have said some pretty mean things to her when she was little and I even left her with my mother for a week when her father and I split for the 1st time. I’ve since become aware of who I am through my diagnosis and by taking meds. It makes me feel terrible now even thinking about it but I can’t change it and she and I are inseparable to this day . I would like to add that I’m not in any way taking away from the damage that mental or emotional abuse causes. I understand that all too well. I’m simply stating that the question is very vague in terms of “Safe” and that by safe I interpret that as loving my children. Caring for all their needs. Food and shelter . And I should also add that the disorder differs from person to person. And so there is really not an answer. It would all depend on the individual with borderline.

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I can only speak for Myself. I’ve been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder since I was 21 and I am almost 30. I have 3 beautiful little girls who are ages 9, 6 and 9 months. They are everything to me. Their father and I have had a very toxic relationship throughout the years and I believe We did cause some emotional damage when they were younger for the fighting and arguing. I would never hurt my children physically. I did perhaps overreact a few times when it came to disciplinary action or punishment such as taking the tablet or maybe giving them too long of a timeout or restriction when all they did was something minor but in my eyes at that moment it was major. I have split on my children before and I will admit that with my oldest I split a few times.

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