Cow don’t make me flip my heifer switch shirt

Kristina Saffran learned that lesson too. After being diagnosed with anorexia at age 10, her family pieced together a treatment team and committed themselves to her healing. It worked for a while. But by her freshman year of high school, Saffran had relapsed and was hospitalized four times in seven months. “I wanted nothing more than to go to a residential treatment center,” she says. “But I was terrified of missing my whole sophomore year.” Instead, Saffran stayed in school and committed to a strategy known as family-based treatment, or FBT, an outpatient behavioral technique in which families play a critical role in the recovery process. “That really was the Cow don’t make me flip my heifer switch shirt catalyst for launching Equip.”

Fibromyalgia’s a real pain in the head neck shoulder arms hands ribs hips back legs feet toes and sometimes even my hair hurts shirt

DG David Goffin Signature Shirt

Daddy’s girl I’ll you in my heart until I hold you in heaven I miss you dad shirt

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Cow don’t make me flip my heifer switch shirt

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Eating Tacos For Two Shirt(1)

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