Cthulhu liked Halloween shirt

Worshiping Shiva at this time is akin to worshiping all the powers of Shiva, for this is the time when all the gods are believed to have assembled on Kailash to lose them in the ecstasy of Nataraja’s dance. He dances the dance of creation, the dance of destruction, the dance of solace and liberation. Beneath his left foot ignorance is crushed; from his head springs the life-giving waters. His companion are the flames, the moon, the drum, and the lotus. His mount is the white bull, and the tiger has given its skin to gird his loins. Serpents coil about his limbs, and from his right hand flows the promise of release. This dance is not just a symbol. It takes place within each of us at the atomic level at every moment. The birth of the world, its maintenance, its destruction, the covering of the soul and its revelation…these are the five acts of this dance. All that has been made will be unmade, and all that has been destroyed will be resurrected. The same fungus has also been implicated in other major historical anomalies, including the Salem witch trials. Waller speculates that the dancing was “stress-induced psychosis” on a mass level, since the region where the people danced was riddled with starvation and disease, and the inhabitants tended to be superstitious. Seven other cases of dancing plague were reported in the same region during the medieval era.

Cthulhu liked Halloween shirt

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Cutting of all contact permanently and moving on with your life. This is the only way you will win. Narcs love attention, they want to be wanted, it boosts their ego. When you remove yourself entirely from their life they no longer have the power over you. They can’t suck anything else from you and it will eventually make them wonder where you went and why you didn’t beg for them back. In their head they are the best thing to ever exist in your life. Do as they did, copy their exit from the relationship and act like they never existed. The only way you win is by living your best life after they discard you and never giving them the time of day again. My ex narc had it in his head that my life was crap without him, he would say things like I bet you end up as a single mother, no guy is as good as I was to you, you’re pretending to be happy, go sleep around and get used, you’re bitter that I found someone better, I was the best you ever had and you messed this up…the list goes on and on…I learned the hard way that you do not stay in contact with a person who discarded you. I did all the wrong things and only hurt myself and dragged out the pain and heartache. I thought I could be better for him, change myself, make him see that I was worthy. When in reality he was a cold, empty, selfish, mean-spirited, lying, cheating narc who never loved me. I didn’t do anything wrong, I was a loving girlfriend, I supported him, trusted him and adored him. I know that I loved him more than life, but I loved the facade, not him. The truth devastated me, I was so angry that I had wasted so much time, feelings and energy on someone who I never meant anything to other than a temporary supply to play with and destroy. A part of me is glad I went thru all of this as it made me a better person for it but I don’t wish it on anyone. Do yourself a favor and don’t play the game, you’re just a toy to them and they laugh while you cry and hurt. It’s not worth your joy, pride and self worth.

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