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Mert Alas understands the Release the Kraken Trump T-Shirt so you should to go to store and get this power of images. As one half of the duo Mert and Marcus, Alas has helped to shape the look of modern fashion photography. The pair’s signature aesthetic—surreal perfection, saturated colors, and in-your-face attitude—has been featured on numerous Vogue covers, in ads for the likes of Versace and Burberry, and on the album art of stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, and Madonna. Years of groundbreaking image-making came to an abrupt halt this March when Alas, like millions of others, found himself on lockdown in Europe. After weeks of seeing grim reports and updates from Italy, the hardest hit nation on the continent, Alas wanted to create something that could lift spirits and inspire those who have been trapped at home. “I thought what could I do that can get people away from the TV, YouTube, and the constant breaking news,” he shared on the phone from London. “Just for a little while, it would be cool to get people out of their pajamas. To be able to move around and do something with their creative minds that takes them away from reality for a short period.”

Release the Kraken Trump T-Shirt

The answer came via social media, when Alas asked his Instagram followers to send in their photographs for a unique project. Dubbed The Quarantine Days, the Release the Kraken Trump T-Shirt so you should to go to store and get this user-generated images were given a high-fashion gloss thanks to Alas’s creative direction and photo editing skills. After putting out the call late last week, Alas assumed he’d mostly receive standard snapshots. But the submissions far exceeded his expectations. “At first I doubted myself, I thought that there wouldn’t be many people or that it would mostly be selfies with nothing of substance, but I was shocked,” he says. “I love that there are mothers, nurses, lawyers, all submitting. People were DM-ing me to ask questions: ‘How do I light things better?’ ‘Is it better at this angle?’ It was truly surprising.” Rashad filmed the music video for the dreamy, ambient track primarily at California Institute of the Arts, her alma mater, relying on talented friends to help with everything from choreography to makeup to costuming. Rashad, who made her directing and producing debut on the video, also drew from the closet of her mother, actor Phylicia Rashad: “The main green dress I wear [in the video], that’s my mom’s Bob Mackie dress from the ’80s.” Take an exclusive look at the full music video, below:

Release the Kraken Trump T-Shirt Hoodie

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