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Stick to sports that’s something you know about. It’s a business , nothing more. I Dallas Cowboys Welcome Back Witten Hoodie use to like Steve Kerr. I guess when you’ve played in the shadow of Michael Jordan, everything heroic reminds you how you haven’t made that big of a difference. Put your big boy undies on and get over yourself. Mr. Kerr has a right to his opinion. However, I disagree with his characterization of these events. You’re just a man.not God.but I think that even if you were, they would find fault. Peace. I guess It’s wrong to.see a soldier make it home from duty and seeing the smiles and tears of happiness. People just like to see a happy story rather hear what Socialist rioters attacked an individual or run a politician out of a restaurant. A LEO being shot.

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Well if it wasn’t for our Soldiers,Sailors,Airmen and Marines; that coach,if he were allowed to coach, would be doing it under a dictatorship and answer to the dictator. Athletes, if they were allowed to participate, would do so under strict control of the dictator. So I guess Mr. Kerr should be more thankful for the patriotic displays at games ;because there are a whole lot more military, both living and dead; than there will ever be professional athletes. You are doing such a wonderful job with your beautiful children. And they will spread that and theirs will spread it more. Best gift to your community you can give. And your job on top of that. Wow. You are inspiring. I’m Dallas Cowboys Welcome Back Witten Hoodie so glad Ellen gifted you all this way. And I hope you enjoy every bit of it. You obviously deserve it. Listen I woke up feeling like total crap this morning.

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