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The scottish courts are just about as useless as the scottish football team score a goal then. Go into defence mode and as for you lot at the biased bbc i will now be trying to. Find a way how to legally stop paying for your exorbitant tv licence i wonder how. Many brown envelopes it took to sway that decision lovelybut the westminster parliament isnt under the jurisdiction. Of the Danny Dimes Hoodie scottish high courtso id advise boris to open up parliamentbut only for snp members so they can. Sit there congratulating themselves on how wonderful they are well thats scotland parliament is england and the. Queen agreed to it bercow rushed to hospital after being electrocuted after rewiring a plug officials say. He had no idea what neutral was so the ministers will be rushing back to work. Then boris has had lessons from trump fire anyone who opposes you including the lawyers if possibleand.

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If you cant just ignore it supreme court is the highest court they have already ruled that its. Legal all these efforts to stop brexit will end in tears for labour the lib dems and other parliamentarians including. Scottish mps when it comes to a general election just wait and see scotland cant accept the Danny Dimes Hoodie results. Of any referendum we already know they dont bother with any anyway worth nothing in england only. England judges can decide and its been past by the queen so cant really be overulled somehow should. Someone stop him and make him know what he wants to do is not lawful and. Harm everyone this is not a joke it will have a massive impact on everyone life and. Specially the new generation this is century how can a jock judge make decisions on the uk when.

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