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No one less too little too late yep from now on people will just disappear not good Demetrius Harmon You Matter Now And Forever Hoodie enoughfive demands. Nothing less demands and not one less do not give up the protests till this. Woman dose as she says youve seen how treacherous she is she is sacrificing hong kong democracy on the china. Communist alter lam is a proven snake no one will be satisfied redraw not you will redraw whats. Wrong with this woman i love their resilience they are a great inspiration to me great newsbut look. What it has taken to get this far probably gone way beyond that now that is how people do it. Government is not your boss but your servants so they cannot dictate i wish i can visit hk shortly miss. This placelove the city thats only going to make things worse for you great news but. Whats the catch miss me yet this is what democracy looks like five demands not one less.

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Finally the peoples request has been granted this unnecessary protest has to come to an end She is a liar she must planning other white terror for hk citizen first class puppet. Of recent times shouldve done so a long time she let the people speak hats off to her its. A start well done guys too little too late please note it is just propose to withdrawnot withdrawit is a. Misleading to fool the world dont push it take the win and fight another day sanity at long last too. Little too late freedom and democracy are not free and do Demetrius Harmon You Matter Now And Forever Hoodie require bloodshed and sweat four more.

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