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Of this brave man i remember this pic on the front page of the time magazine one of those truly. Iconic Demetrius Harmon You Matter Now And Forever Sweater photos i am so disappointed that there was not more change after this the bravest. Man i ever saw stood in front of that tank you dont take pictures like that every. Day rip kudos to those soldiers for not running him down this courageous photographer risked his life to. Take this photo some people still believe ccp is a good government and hong kong has been. A photographer should seek for truth instead of stealing the spotlight he thought the tank man would die but it. Was obvious that the tank stopped in order not to hurt him the tank man survived and. He was disappointed the prize deserves the one that separated in front of the tanks a picture that. Shocked the world rip charlie tiananmen squares tank man lives tanks for the memories anyone has good of high quality. Won the other person it good person and then all the person congratulation to him but.

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Suffering from ccp for decades we need your help and support fightforfreedon standwithhk thank you for undercovering the truth amazing. Photo photographer may not live but photo lives long and prescribes incidence thanks a lot for your job superpowers. Are dangerous killersand when they kill innocents peoplenone can condemn themthe almighty allah is waiting for them patientlytough. Response of god is waiting for those criminals it looks like he has just been shopping. And decided to act on the spur of the moment the Demetrius Harmon You Matter Now And Forever Sweater picture fooled and misguided so many people.

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