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Demi-Dad Just an ordinary shirt

Demi-Dad Just an ordinary shirt
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Just an Ordinary shoes-jeans-shirt ⚘I love those kinda shots! Well it’s official I get the bad Mamaw award. Today I forgot it was picture day so I sent Liam to school with hair a mess and just an ordinary t-shirt. It’s is first yearbook picture. Nothing is better than a comfy tee, but why just wear an ordinary t-shirt when you could wear one like our Modern Twist? Click the link below to demi dad.

Demi-Dad Just an ordinary shirt, hoodie, tank and longsleeve

Just an ordinary Demi Dad Tank top

Is there just an ordinary Demi-Dad in your life who you need to say thank you to for the wonderful world you know? Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay I’m sure he’ll say you’re welcome with this shirt from you. This Father’s Day (or at anytime really) tell your dad thank you and show him how much you love him by giving him this shirt that sums up how awesome he really is.

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