Dinosaur PopArt Spielberg Jurassic Park Shirt

Dinosaur PopArt Spielberg Jurassic Park Shirt! Sunny! It was very sunny that day. It cooks rice at home, sometimes looking at his house to see if he has stopped working, has he finished cutting wood? And then talking from side to side, like the old spy kind of sounded strange. That day! Sunny! Linh. Linh wakes up the child. Wake up to visit Duy. Lying dreaming, he suddenly heard his father’s call and patted his butt.

Listening faintly, his father’s voice said: Come to visit Duy or something, he immediately got up. Not understanding what happened, he could not even wear sandals. Dinosaur PopArt Spielberg Jurassic Park Shirt! Hurry grabbed his father’s shirt to his house. At 2 am…! From his house, he could also hear the noise of people. What are they discussing: I’m miserable …! Take it quick …Thanh called to hurry up …

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