Dracarys Game of Thrones shirt

Shirts available. I’m selling this one guys : I have Rapbeh, Faketaxi, Game of thrones, Gangbang and etc shirt designs. Pm me people if u want to order. Want a shirt based on your favorite characters? Just send us a message and we will give you a quote and mock-up of the design. If you love this Dracarys shirt then click buy it now!

Did you catch that game-changer of a reveal Gilly dropped in between Citadel steps and questions about annulments? Do you know what exactly was on that paper Arya found What did you make of episode five? (Caution: full of spoilers if you are watching the series but yet to see this episode). This week’s “Dracarys shirt” had less dragonfire, but more planning, plotting and potentially game-changing revelations.

Dracarys guys shirt

If you are reading this, it means that you are curious about this post. That’s cool, cause I created this design! But there is more. I also decided to lower the price to less than $20 in order to make these products affordable to everyone! In fact, you can buy Official Dracarys shirt, mugs, unisex tanks, phone cases and more, all inspired by this design! I will make way less profit (you can usually buy these kind of Official Dracarys shirt at about $23) so I hope you will appreciate what I’m trying to do. I also hope you will support me by buying some of these (cheap but high quality and cool) products. I would love to hear from you what you think about this design. I know that you probably saw some similar design before, but I believe this is the best looking one. It only takes one click and 5 seconds to check, I hope you will reward my sincerity.

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