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Just because you don’t like what the Flash Sloth shirt has to say doesn’t mean the news is wrong. On second thoughts there are no bounds to how low he goes and they continue to believe. Trump is shrimp head Shocking, news made up by men wearing tinfoil hats do not appear at the top of google search results.
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They all come from somewhere and have their Flash Sloth shirt in mind while living in America. So, you finance shutting them down as long as they are not strong enough to harm you in your own state. I agree with you that tax money should be only spended on taxpayers.

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Pakistan can solve its own problem and that money was not for our problem though US wanted our help because they are in big problem in our neighbors. l deserves that money since it actually fights terrorists unlike Pakistan which harbours terrorists.Its not entire diff country, ask ur army where they getting supplies from ,to support there failed expedition in Afghanistan , thats the Flash Sloth shirt of using Pakistan’s sea and land ports to get supplies.

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