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Fortnite Just Play It Tee

Fortnite Just Play It Tee
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Wtf are u talking about. You have 70 days for season 4 to get to 100. I’m lvl 45+ battle pass after a week. With only challenges (bpass + daily) you’ll get to lvl 85 in 70 days. LMAO BRO, the only ways to level up are by doing the daily challenges, the weekly challenges , and by getting kills and winning which is the whole point of the game. fucking nub. lone. The weekly challenges give you 5k exp. Waiting on the weekly challenges kind of stinks though. Well on my way to full omega and I can’t play a lot, it’s doable i had help from my vbucks to get him but who cares people spend 2k of them on skins regularly and I had them left over . OK so level 41 and I have a xp boost of 80. If I pkay with 3 other friends that are around the same level. They give me 20% boost as well. That’s over double xp and considering the level.boost go up more. It’s not that hard. I’m lvl 60 already, tier 100 (I did purchase my tiers… haters gonna hate) but dude, just play everyday. It’s not that bad. I have everything for Omega besides the last upgrade which is red neons on his outfit.

Fortnite Just Play It T Shirt

Kent Brady i was away the weekend when they released it. They’ve had newer emotes out repeatedly now but this set has been gone for over a month now, only showing when it first appeared. I was this close  ?to winning my first solo match as Thanos. One guy left and I bust up everything in the circle and can’t find him! I look up in the sky and there he is! DAMN YOU!  ? Well played my friend! I saw some shit like that happen last night  ? and i had seen him on the sky but wanted him to get in the circle first so that when i killed him i would get his loot, but Thanos got to me first  ? i blasted him with minigun a left him with 15 health. I nice to see that you guys don’t take your own code of conduct seriously. Instead of banning the players that have been cheating (by having a team in Solo) you just disable my ability to see player names. You guys are trash. Still gonna play your game though. People Ddos as one of the most useful cheats as its pretty much untraceable has been used in lot of competitive games forever now. In this game its like the ultimate cancer you get kicked out youre fucking done. Curtis, I’ve recorded people aimbottimg already. As in shooting through walls. I report shit like this every time I see it.

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