Foxteeshirt – Dachshund Happy Halloweiner Shirt

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Back in 2017, there was a moment when Century 21 tried to appeal to a younger crowd with its Next Century area, an effort to stock the Dachshund Happy Halloweiner Shirt in addition I really love this likes of Telfar and Jeremy Scott. A year later, Victor Barragan had his Spring 2019 show in the Next Century area. The experience was funky and cool, with models walking down a sealed-off runway as curious customers wandered around the racks. All the guests wore umbrella hats. Century 21 always felt frequented: Tourists fresh from their site-seeing at the 9/11 memorial would pop into the downtown location, and Russian women would flock to my favorite Rego Park incarnation. But even at the time, it felt like a relic. When everyone is buying from their phones, big department store shopping has a tendency to feel like something from the past. Century 21 sadly joins the ranks of COVID-19 retail casualties, including the über-luxe 10 Corso Como, perennially on-trend Need Supply, and retail stalwart Lord & Taylor.

Dachshund Happy Halloweiner Shirt

It’s sad the Dachshund Happy Halloweiner Shirt in addition I really love this end of an era of a store that afforded people decent prices, and the thrill of a rabid search for something nice. It didn’t matter if it was a pack of underwear, or a killer coat: Century 21 would give you a good deal. Svetlana put it succinctly: “I liked buying nice things for cheap.” Call it the sale of the century.  In a way it always felt as if it was from another era. There was almost a familial, even intimate aspect to Century 21 while prodding at price tags or standing barefoot in a changing stall. We all loved clothes and a deal no matter where we were from. And the designer section was pretty amazing: Last time I was there, a few months before COVID-19, I saw grungy Vetements pants and Versace T-shirts with a logo. These are wickedly unaffordable at a non-slashed price. (To be honest, that time, I actually bought a pair of Spanx.)

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