Freddie Mercury With Cats Sweater

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Why can’t we just be thankful for what Freddie Mercury With Cats Sweater we have? Sometimes technology goes entirely too far. The best Christmas I ever had is when I took my young son out to cut a small tree down and decorated the old fashioned way with strung popcorn and sentimental ornaments. When your smart phone controls your life, and now your Christmas tree, things have gone to hell. What happened to the good ol’ days. Simpletons getting brainwashed daily. Pure garbage. Surely the lights would have to be put on in a certain way for the pattern to work. So that when a light pattern is meant to go from the top of tree to bottom that you have to ensure that the lights are in a correct order all the way down the tree to avoid the pattern starting in the middle or back of tree etc.

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You use the app to configure the lights either by putting them in the pattern of a tree or taking a picture of the tree with the lights in it and it senses where each bulb is and aligns it that way. The tree has the light already on it. I have this tree and it’s my favorite in all the trees I have had in 30 years but I waited till it went on clarence 75% off. Now this has spoilt Christmas! Why does  Freddie Mercury With Cats Sweater everything have to be run by technology? We need to go back to the simple way of life. Its not robots taking over, its technology turning us into robots. We will be the ones with chips in the back of our heads and being controlled next. You mark my words!. I agree it’s nice but to be honest! I like the lights just the way they are!

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