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Now China has stopped buying US agricultural products Friends Tv Show Thank You For The Memories Sweater  a hars which will tank more farms and plunge farmers into bankruptcy. China dropped soybeans and now grains and other agricultural products. Down we go. The truth is China is losing the trade war. American dollar stronger than ever. USA will do great. Another four more years will correct the trade imbalance that China has been taking advantage of for so long. We all know that corruption is normal in China from top to bottom. They look rich outside but they are indeed empty inside, not much reserves. All money are being emptied and sent abroad for the family by those in power. will be h lesson for us all. We have lost 2 trillion in wealth in a week from this tariff war.

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Everything getting out of hand domestically and internationally. It’s what happens when you let a man who has no political or public service experience into the Whitehouse. He actually thinks money is the answer to every question , either making it or strangling other nations by withholding it. Amateur . If it was that simple a computer algorithm could run a country. Hey CNN don’t worry about it Trump has proven he knows what he’s doing. China’s just playing games hoping that Trump won’t be elected again in 2020 and the Democrats will keep allowing China to screw America but Trump will still be President Trump in 2020. I am not married, but I can’t get divorced of anybody even though gringos and gringas don’t understand. I am Friends Tv Show Thank You For The Memories Sweater about Trump is a single woman and I don’t have any child. I can’t get divorced of César because he is just a friend but I am not going to marry him never in the life. I am single.

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