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I worked in a high street pub in a small town in the UK. It’s owned by one of the big companies that only my fellow Brits would have heard of, and we opened at 8 in the morning until midnight, or 1AM on weekends. I had recently been promoted so was now part of the pubs management team, and my new responsibilities included opening the pub and running the morning shift until the next manager came in for the evening.This was my second or third shift running day to day operations on my own, and I was only 19 at the time so I was quite nervous. The morning had gone smoothly and we were in the midst of a typically busy lunch time when I notice an odd looking fellow sat slumped over to the left with his hands pressed to his left ear. I looked at him for a moment before I decided that he must be on his phone to someone, and had seated himself so unusually so he could hear the phone more clearly. For a short while I thought nothing else of it.

Funny Pilgrim Turkey Face Sunglasses Blue Eyes Thanksgiving shirt

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I immediately hightailed it back towards the front of the property. Thankfully, my friend and his brother saw the man pull out his gun and got a head start back to the car.This one little event in my life might just have been my greatest display of athleticism so far, in that I couldn’t even feel my feet touching the ground as I ran since I was moving so fast. On top of that, the front fence that we initially climbed over was maybe around 6 feet tall. Getting into the property was a bit of a pain but getting out? I can tell you my body didn’t even TOUCH that fence, I FLEW over that sh*t and JUMPED THROUGH the window of my friend’s mom’s car that she had already started a roll with to get out of there.

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