Furyteeshirt – Flamingo rockin’ the mimi life shirt

When Trump claimed that 85% of people who wear a mask catch coronavirus, she corrected him: The study actually found that of a group of 150 COVID-19 patients, 85% said they had worn a mask. When Trump tried to dismiss sharing a conspiracy theory to his 87 million Twitter followers—“That was an opinion of somebody and that was a retweet. I’ll put it out there. People can decide for themselves,” he said— she shot back, “You’re the Flamingo rockin’ the mimi life shirt In addition,I will do this president. You’re not someone’s crazy uncle who can retweet whatever.” (Although Mary Trump, the president’s niece who leaked details of his tax returns to the New York Times, had something to say about that.) And she asked him to condemn QAnon, an internet group that continues to spread a conspiracy theory that the “deep state,” run by pedophilic Democratic elites, wants to undermine Trump. He wouldn’t. “I just don’t know about QAnon,” Trump deflected, to which Guthrie responded, “You do know.” Normally, Trump’s interview tactics are to shout and steamroll, but Guthrie stood her ground. (Which, by the way, stood in stark contrast with her former colleague Matt Lauer, who, in 2016, made a mess moderating a forum with Trump and Hillary Clinton.)

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