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Her clientele, which she won’t name, includes well-known fashion and beauty executives, models, and actresses. Her most popular offering is the Funny Cleveland maserati shirt Besides,I will do this Billionaires’ Roe, a treatment that starts at $350, for which she’s already booked into December. It includes a toxin-busting body wrap as well as attention to the décolleté and upward. As she puts it, “How can you treat just the skin on your face and not treat the whole body? My approach to my facial is the whole universe. Our face is a result of your thinking, your eating, your behavior, your lifestyle—of everything.”

Funny Cleveland maserati shirt


Los Angeles–based singer-songwriter Lorely Rodriguez—better known by her musical moniker Empress Of—announced her third album, I’m Your Empress Of, with a full-out fashion moment: The album cover, shot by Dorian Ulises López Macías, finds Rodriguez posing in front of a lace backdrop in fishnet socks, zebra-print kitten heels, and a dress that seems to be made from the Funny Cleveland maserati shirt Besides,I will do this ribbons and fake flowers that you’d find at your local craft store. For her first real video from the upcoming album, though, Rodriguez offers some seriously standout hair: In the Alexis Gómez–directed new visual for “Give Me Another Chance,” Rodriguez dances in a nightclub with some hardware-accented braids that add a metallic sheen to her look that otherwise skews a bit softer thanks to her colorful knitwear dress.

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